Bob Dylan in concert

“I’m not a poet. Poets drown in lakes.” 

- Bob Dylan


Welcome to the class! I hope you enjoy your time here and that you’ll walk away a better songwriter than when you arrived!

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I am honored and humbled that you’ve decided to take my class. I’ve had a lifelong love affair with the art form of Songwriting. Early on in my life, my father instilled a respect for songwriting.  We were one of the first ones in the neighborhood to get a stereo. He’d always be pointing out to me who wrote the song we were listening to. He would buy albums made by songwriters even though the performance was often inferior to the singer’s who had a hit with it. 


I love the process of Songwriting but a close second is teaching. Becoming a songwriting teacher has made me a better songwriter. The challenge of distilling what I’ve learned organically into lessons has helped me understand the art form better. Plus I always learn something from my students many of who are loaded with talent!


Well enough of this, let’s jump in and get started! Then click on the next screen already!


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